UOW Malaysia KDU Penang University College began its chapter when it opened its door to its first batch of students in 1991. Since then, the UOW Malaysia KDU Penang University College has grown by leaps and bounds. Now sitting proudly at Jalan Anson, UOW Malaysia KDU Penang University College is the most popular private tertiary education provider in the northern region. It has international alumni from 60 countries around the world.

In 2015, UOW Malaysia KDU Penang received the prestigious 6-star, college-based rating in the 2014/2015 Malaysian MyQUEST for the large category. UOW Malaysia KDU Penang University College was the only private college in Penang – and the Northern region – to be awarded this eminent recognition.

Over a span of 25 years, our students continue to do us proud with a string of successes in various national and international competitions. In July 2013, UOW Malaysia KDU Penang was also awarded the Penang MPSP Green Industry Award for the SME Education and Awareness category.

In November 2018, KDU entered into a strategic partnership with UOW Global Enterprises, a wholly-owned subsidiary of University of Wollongong Australia. Subsequently, in November 2019, the name of the college and university colleges were changed to reflect the stewardship of the University of Wollongong and they are now known as UOW Malaysia KDU.

Pre-University Programmes

KDU Penang Centre for Pre-University Studies offers two major university-preparatory programmes for students who are seeking to pursue their bachelor degrees directly after SPM or O-Levels.

Cambridge GCE Advanced Level

  • A-Level Science
  • A-Level Humanities

Foundation Studies

  • Foundation in Science
  • Foundation in Arts

Undergraduate Degree Studies

Accounting & Business

The challenging world of business is more demanding now than ever. Managing changes, crisis, risks and human resource demands creativity and speed in getting solutions to problems. A good foundation in the fundamentals of management is crucial. Entrepreneurial skills are no longer an option but a requisite. Choosing a relevant business degree with all the requirements is essential. At KDU, our business degrees provide you with no less than what you require to succeed in the world of international business.


  • Diploma in Accounting
  • Diploma in Business


  • Bachelor of Accountancy (Hons)
  • BA (Hons) Business Management

Built Environment & Interior Design

Built Environment refers to the man-made surroundings that give the setting to human movement, going in scale from structures and parks or green space to neighborhoods and urban communities. In other words, we are designing how humans interact with its surroundings. Here in KDU we are focusing on Interior Design and Architecture, and how we can make our surroundings sustainable and comfortable.


  • Diploma in Interior Design


  • BA (Hons) Interior Architecture


Computer Science innovation are a piece of pretty much everything that touches our lives from the automotive we drive, to the motion picture we watch, to the ways businesses and governments manage us. It is a necessity to understand diverse measurement of computing is part of the skill set for an educated person.  It has a huge impact on modern society as it is the cornerstone of all the digital technologies. Whether you need to be a researcher, build up the most recent killer application, or simply comprehend what it truly implies when somebody says “the PC committed an error”, studying computer science will provide you with valuable knowledge.

Additionally, studying computing brings interactive and excellent career placement to push the graduates to explore real-world employment opportunities with enthusiasm in any part of the world. Students become professionals for modern electronic business and enterprise application through entrepreneurial perspective.


  • Certificate in Information Technology


  • Diploma in 3D Animation & Motion Capture
  • Diploma in Computer Studies
  • Diploma in Games Technology


  • Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons)
  • Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) in Computer & Network Technology
  • Bachelor of Information System (Hons)


Engineering may not be the easiest areas of study, but it is the subject areas that continue to be in demand, and the graduates are also more likely to find employment quickly and work their way up the career ladder with an engineering degree under their belt. As Malaysia strives towards a developed nation status, engineers have a key-role to play in enhancing the quality of life through the advancement of science and technology. With such a pivotal role to play, qualified and skilled engineers are in escalating demand and will remain to be throughout the world.

Studying engineering also brings prestige, wide variety of career progression opportunities, having the chance to improve the world, worldwide travel and employment opportunities, as well as career satisfaction. More importantly, it sets one up for professional success. Engineers can be Entrepreneurs; we call them “Technopreneur”.


  • Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering (Mechatronics)
  • Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering (Microelectronics)


  • Bachelor Of Engineering (Hons) in Electrical & Electronic Engineering (3+0)
  • Bachelor Of Engineering (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering (3+0)

Hospitality, Tourism & Culinary Arts

KDU’s School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts (SHTCA) was established in 1991, as the pioneer in the northern region, as well as the first renowned hospitality, tourism and culinary arts school in Penang, providing quality education and knowledge to future hoteliers and chefs. Since the partnership of SHTCA with IMI International Management Institute Switzerland (the birth place of hospitality education) in 1997, KDU has quickly become the first private university college to offer students the opportunity to obtain a prestigious Swiss diploma and degree qualification. With numerous events and activities throughout the year (such as community service, Penang heritage tours, competitions, hotel familiarisation for new students, hospitality week, international days), students’ campus life is enlivened and their learning experience enriched

It’s time to unleash your hidden talents in the hospitality, tourism and culinary arts industry!


  • Diploma in Hotel Management
  • Diploma in International Hotel & Tourism Management
  • Diploma in Professional Chef Training


  • IMI 3+0 Bachelor of Arts International Hotel & Tourism Management


“English language is not a difficult thing to master if you have the right teacher. We have more than 20 years of experience in doing exactly that.”

More than 1,200 local and international students from over 60 countries have successfully completed the English programme with the Department of Languages (DOL). Our international students hail from Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Turkmenistan, Bangladesh, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Iran,  etc. Many of DOL’s graduates have gone on to successfully complete their diploma and degree in the programmes of their choice, and some have joined the workforce. It’s no wonder the Department of Languages is known for the tagline ‘Language is Power’!

  • Intensive English Programme
  • Professional Development Programme
  • Chinese Proficiency Test

Mass Communication

Creative people live life with passion and energy. Channel your energy to pursue a course of study in Communication. At KDU, we inspire you to lead, direct, write and unleash your potentials in the vibrant industry of public relations, broadcasting, print, media advertising and many other areas.


  • Diploma in Mass Communication


  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Communication & Public Relations
  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Media Production
  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in New Media & advertising


Do you see yourself meeting new people around the world? Caring for people in different age groups – from newborns to the elderlies; from those who are ill to promoting greater health? Perhaps you see yourself pursuing a career in the caring profession? At KDU Penang, we can help turn your dreams into reality. Join us and discover the endless opportunities that KDU Penang has to offer.

Nursing career opportunities are greater, more varied and the demand for qualified nurses has been higher than ever before. As the health care field becomes increasingly complex and specialized, nurses are finding this career more challenging.


  • Diploma in Nursing